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Fundemental Idea of the Ihlas Holding, which includes İhlas Ev Aletleri (Household Appliences) in its organizational structure was established by founding of Türkiye Newspaper in 1970. Ihlas Group has continued its successful investments, parallel to the economical developments in our country and in the world and gained a steady development tempo, and then it became one of the head organizations of Turkey.
Ihlas Marketing distributes the products that we have manufactured, is one of the main companies of Ihlas Group with nationwide marketing network. Ihlas Marketing markets the numbers of world known goods agencies besides the goods of our company.
Turkey Hospital was located on totally 17000-m² open area in Şişli in the center of Istanbul and one of the precious and breathing places that soothes to our people with green gardens, landscape designing, and integration with the original configuration, history and nature. Türkiye Hospital develops its service quality in health sector continuously, and it has intensified its target for being a pioneer institution for presenting of health services by winning ISO 9001:2000 certificate that indicates serving in health sector by providing international quality.
Armutlu Holiday Village combines the warmth of the hot spring resort, green of the forest and coolness of Marmara Sea provides an economic and easy holiday opportunity even for crowded families. Armutlu Holiday Village provides treatment possibility in holiday environment and benefit from qualified social facility opportunities of the nature.
Ihlas Group has realized a preliminary base in health area has combined the time-share holiday with hot spring resort tourism and has provided covering opportunity for health and holiday requirements of the families in economic and high standards. Kuzuluk Holiday Village that nestles the whole advantages of the time-share holiday provides big opportunities for peaceful, comfortable, and calm holiday with its unique natural environment around it.


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